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Discover Aesthetic Excellence at ADC Aesthetics

Welcome to ADC Aesthetics, your premier destination for aesthetic treatments located in Sandal, Wakefield. Our clinic is dedicated to empowering your beauty journey with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. Our expert team are dedicated to providing personalised treatments that cater to your unique beauty needs.

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Dermal Fillers: Rejuvenate with Precision

At ADC Aesthetics, we specialise in a wide array of dermal filler treatments, committed to delivering safe and outstanding results. We use only the highest quality products from renowned brands such as JUVÉDERM® and Teosyal®, ensuring an exceptional standard of care.  

  • Lip Enhancement

    Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a more noticeable volume increase, our lip filler treatments are designed to produce beautifully balanced and naturally appealing lips.

  • Cheek, Chin, and Jaw Contouring:

    Transform your facial profile with our customised treatments designed to add volume and definition to your cheeks, chin, and jawline, to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing facial balance.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Our clinic offers treatments to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Our injectors are able to design a bespoke treatment plan at consultation to ensure a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Whether you're looking to soften wrinkles in one area or rejuvenate multiple areas of your face, experience a refreshed look with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

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Hyperhidrosis Management

For those struggling with excessive sweating, our treatments offer a life-changing solution. By targeting sweat glands in areas such as underarms, hands, and feet, we have the ability to significantly reduce sweat production and improve your quality of life.

Masseter Muscle & Teeth Grinding

Address a broad jawline with precision treatments that sculpt your jaw, enhancing your natural beauty without surgery. Treatment for the masseter muscle is a specialised procedure aimed at addressing issues related to jaw tension, teeth grinding (bruxism), and to aesthetically slim the appearance of the jawline. The masseter muscle is one of the muscles activated during chewing, located at the angle of the jaw. Overactivity or hypertrophy of this muscle can lead to a broadened jawline, facial pain, and headaches. This procedure offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical options for jaw reduction, with minimal downtime.

  • Facial Slimming Injections

    For individuals seeking a more contoured and slimmer facial profile, this treatment can significantly reduce the width of the lower face, resulting in a more V-shaped jawline.

  • Reduction in Teeth Grinding and Jaw Tension

    Patients suffering from bruxism can experience a significant reduction in teeth grinding and clenching. This can reduce wear and tear of the teeth, jaw pain and headaches.

Gummy Smile Correction 

We offer aesthetic procedures designed to address excessive gingival display, often referred to as a ‘gummy smile’. A gummy smile occurs when a significant portion of the gums are visible above the top teeth while smiling. This may make some individuals feel self-conscious about their appearance. As dentists and aesthetic practitioners, we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to employ both surgical and/or non-surgical approaches manage this on a case by case basis. We are able to create a more balanced smile where less gum tissue is exposed.

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  • Non surgical treatment is non-invasive

    Minimal down time and discomfort. Many treatments can be completed quickly, and results can be seen within a few days to weeks. The effects typically last between 3 to 4 months, after which the treatment can be repeated.

Why ADC Aesthetics?

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  • Promoting Natural and Elegant Results

    Our holistic approach to aesthetics ensures that treatments refresh and enhance your inherent features, promoting results that are elegant and natural.

  • High Standards

    We pride ourselves on practicing evidence based aesthetic medicine, using the highest standard products. In the UK products are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), ensuring that we provide treatments that are not only effective but also meet stringent safety criteria.

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