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Payment Information

  1. Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card (Most major cards except American Express) and BACS transfer/Faster payment.
  2. On booking an examination/assessment appointment, payment will be taken as a deposit for the cost of the time of that appointment. The fee for radiographs or special tests, should they be required, will be paid for at the end of that appointment.
  3. On booking treatment appointments, a fee will be paid for the cost of the time of that appointment and then the remainder will be paid at the first appointment for the treatment. For example, if a crown is required, 50% of the price of the crown will be paid to book the appointment and the remainder will be paid at the crown preparation appointment.
  4. Costs are as per our pricing guide. The costs of treatment will be made clear to the patient prior to commencing treatment. This will be in the form of a written treatment plan which is available on request.
  5. Fees can be subject to change. In the instance that a treatment plan changes during the course of treatment, this will be reflected in the fee and may be subject to an increase or decrease in price. The individual will be made aware of any changes in the treatment plan and/or treatment costings as soon as it has been identified, prior to continuing treatment.
  6. All treatment carried out at Advance Dental Care is on a private fee per item basis. There are no affiliations to the National Health Service (NHS).
  7. In the instance of Insurance based claims towards treatment, the treatment must be paid for prior to the point of completion of treatment by the individual as opposed to the insurer. We are happy to complete paperwork associated with claims, however, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform Advance Dental Care of any associated paperwork to be completed prior to committing to treatment. It is the patient’s responsibility to deal with the insurer and any other associated third parties. Advance Dental Care cannot accept any liability for claims which are not accepted.
  8. Any paperwork associated with insurance claims will be completed based on factual information from our contemporaneous records of treatment carried out. We can only provide information based on treatment carried out at Advance Dental Care.