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Periodontics Wakefield: Professional Periodontal Services at Advance Dental Care hero image

Periodontics Wakefield: Professional Periodontal Services at Advance Dental Care

Welcome to Advance Dental Care in Sandal, Wakefield - Your premier destination for comprehensive periodontal services, ensuring your gums are as healthy as your smile.

Dr. Lewis Butler: Leading our Advanced Gum Disease Treatments

Our chief dental surgeon, Dr. Lewis Butler, brings an abundance of expertise and compassionate care to our clinic, specialising in gum disease treatments and gingivitis treatment among other advanced dental procedures.

Navigate Through Your Periodontal Journey with Experts in Gum Disease in Wakefield

At Advance Dental Care, we delve deeper into the heart of your dental health by addressing the crucial, often overlooked aspect of gum health. Gum disease, or periodontitis, is a common condition that can range from simple gum inflammation to serious disease resulting in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth.

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Comprehensive Gingivitis Treatment and Periodontal Services

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    Your journey to robust oral health is navigated with our comprehensive range of periodontal services:

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    Early Diagnosis: Implementing screenings and examinations to diagnose and intercept gum diseases in their infancy.

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    Gingivitis Treatment: Providing effective treatments to control and reverse gingivitis, preventing its progression into periodontitis.

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    Scaling and Root Planing: Employing advanced techniques to meticulously clean the pockets of gum around the tooth, averting further gum disease.

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    Gum Surgeries: Facilitating precision surgeries for advanced periodontitis cases, ensuring meticulous care and healing.

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Protect, Treat, and Enhance with Our Gum Disease Treatments

Advance Dental Care stands as a beacon of oral health, providing an encompassing array of gum disease treatments and interventions, ensuring your smile is supported by equally healthy gums.

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Contact Advance Dental Care: Where Excellence in Periodontics Awaits

Embark on a journey towards impeccable oral and gum health with Advance Dental Care – your partners in comprehensive periodontal services. Reach out to us today, and let our expert team, led by Dr. Lewis Butler, guide you towards a future of radiant smiles and healthy gums.