Dental Fillings

We are experts in repairing broken or chipped teeth. Using the latest dental technology and best materials, we can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, natural smile.

Fillings are a way to halt decay and preserve teeth which are affected by it.

Diet, lifestyle, and even genetics can contribute to the deterioration of your teeth.

Tiny cracks or holes are susceptible to bacteria and mean that tooth decay can quickly take hold.

At Advance Dental Care, we are constantly monitoring your teeth for signs of decay. Spotting it early means that we are able to repair the tooth and apply a protective material, usually a white composite filling, to the damaged area.

A small white tooth filling placed early in a decaying tooth can keep it healthy for decades.

We can improve the look of teeth with poor or deteriorated fillings (including metal fillings/mercury fillings) by replacing the existing filling with a modern aesthetic material (white fillings).

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