Dental Bridges in Wakefield

A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. It is attached to, and reliant upon, adjacent teeth. It literally bridges a gap.

Bridges can replace one missing tooth or several missing teeth.

Bridges, like crowns, can be made of different materials. At Advance Dental Care, we prefer the natural appearance of metal-free bridgework. As with crowns, different qualities of bridges are available. We would explain all of your options and discuss which would best suit your requirements.

Bridgework normally takes two visits, the first to do tooth preparation and impressions and the second to fit the finished bridge. As with all treatments, sedation is available for nervous patients.

If you are looking for fixed teeth replacement, a fixed bridge or a resin retained bridge (resin-bonded bridge) are suitable options but also consider implants.

Dental Bridge
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