Tooth Crowns

Crowns are used to improve the strength of damaged or weakened teeth. They can also improve the appearance of unsightly or irregular teeth. Often a crown is provided for both strength and improved aesthetics simultaneously.

At Advance Dental Care in Wakefield, we prefer highly aesthetic crowns made of materials which are both strong and lifelike in appearance. We can also provide gold crowns and onlays or any extracoronal restoration including silver crowns. We prefer feldspathic and zirconia materials or Emax crowns. We work with world-class dental laboratories and take great pride in the work we do as a team.

A crown may be thought of as a “hat” or a shell which surrounds a tooth on all aspects and covers the biting surface of the tooth. They are used to support missing teeth in bridgework and to provide the functional and aesthetic component of tooth replacement by dental implants.

At Advance Dental Care, we offer a variety of different tooth crowns to suit your budget and needs. The differences will be discussed with you to make sure we deliver the best possible treatment to you.

We have a long-standing, close working relationship with our laboratory technicians to ensure we can deliver the aesthetic results that our patients require. View our smile gallery to see some examples of the treatments that we have completed.

Tooth crowns normally take two visits being indirect restorations. The first appointment is to do all the tooth preparation and take impressions. Temporary crowns are fitted at this visit. At the second appointment, the temporary crowns are removed and the finished permanent crowns are fitted.

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