Root Canal Treatment

Does it hurt when you bite down on one of your teeth? Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity long after you have come into contact with something hot or cold? It may be that you have an infection inside your tooth that is affecting the living part of your tooth.

The symptoms of an infection can be painful or uncomfortable, and the best solution may be endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment.

One of our dentists, Dr. Lewis Butler, has a PG Diploma in Endodontics and is working towards a Masters degree (MSc) in this branch of dentistry.

He has acquired knowledge and skills to treat and repair your tooth, without the need to remove it, leaving you pain-free and getting you back on the road to good oral health.

Lewis accepts referrals from other dentists who place their trust in him as a root canal dentist providing treatments to the highest standards.

Untreated root canal problems can lead to tooth loss and sometimes serious infections in your jaw and skull.

If you think your symptoms may suggest that treatment is required, contact us immediately.

We have invested extensively in state of the art specialist equipment including a dental microscope to complement Lewis’s treatment skills to allow us to deliver the very best outcomes.

Dental endodontics/root canal treatment is a routine part of modern dental treatment but some people worry about the need for this type of work. We offer dental sedation for any of the treatments we provide in order to help with peoples anxieties.

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Today I had a dreaded root canal , I have had poor dental treatment in the past which has made me scared of dentists. So when I decided to try Advanced Dental Care I was worried, but right from the moment I got In touch, the open transparency of treatment and costs, to the treatment itself I felt reassured root canals aren’t pleasant but it didn’t hurt, I felt reassured by Lewis as he said we could take a break at any point, even though I didn’t need to it was comforting to know that I could if it got intense, which it didn’t. I really feel that Lewis would do his absolute best for his patients as he is invested in the Art of Dentistry and not the conveyer belt system that seems to be the preferred option.

Mandy Asquith
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